Sucking on a dead guy's toe in Dawson city

The sourtoe is the signature drink of the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Yukon. The Canadian hotel's  cocktail -- contains a mummified human toe - or rather, contained. The famous toe was recently swallowed by a brave drinker, undeterred by the $500 fine attached for toe consumption.

The "sourtoe" isn't a cocktail as such - patrons can add the toe to any drink for $10. The tradition is not to consume the toe, but to kiss it and give it back for the next lucky punter.

But glory seeker 'Josh from Now Orleans' clearly came to the bar with toe sucking on his mind.The brazen barfly necked the toe in a whisky, dropped the fine in cash and walked out. The hotel is now seeking a new toe for the job, and is putting a shout out to victims of frostbite and toe-related injuries to come forward and, er, drop their digits. The toe that Josh swallowed was not the original - the toe that kicked off the trend in the 1970s, which is said to have to a river barge pilot named Captain Dick Stevenson, or possibly a trapper who lost it to the cold. Subsequent toes have been mummified using salt. The hotel still has one backup toe, and aren't short of volunteers who want their severed toes immortalised. They also plan on upping the toe-fine to $2500. Josh has not yet commented. He probably feels like a heel.