Queen of Vagina

Fuck Pussy Riot. They're the stuff of middle class dinner parties for Guardian readers. Queen of Vagina is the feminist icon the world really needs. With songs about her pungent genitals (My Fish Odor Vagina Has Polluted The Air (Queen of Sluts)), or even catchier titles like 'Ejaculate Fast In My Naked Wet Piss Flaps Song' and 'Judas Don't Fuck My Flappy Pussy Tonight (Dirty Bitch)', she's the best thing to happen to parentheses since Prince.

Morphing sexual and religious imagery in ways the Purple Poseur could only dream of, QOV makes all her video in the same living room, when she's not 'Choking on Cobra Dick'. Follow her rise to power on Facebook. Did I mention she tried out for the X factor?