The apartment of 1942

This Parisian apartment belonged to socialite Marthe de Florian, a muse of the painter
Giovanni Boldini and an actress, who left in a hurry shortly after the outbreak of World War 2. Despite fleeing to the south of France, she kept up payments on her property until she died at the age of 91. It wasn't until an auctioneer gained entry, in 2010, that Mme. De Florian's rooms saw another living soul.

Inside lay a perfectly-preserved portrait of the era, replete with fashionable taxidermies and objects d'art. One such piece was the painting below - the portrait of De Florian by Boldini, with a love note from the artist. The painting, hitherto uncatalogued, went on to fetch €2.1 million at auction. 

Via Bello