Back to throw down the Gauntlet

If you're old enough to remember the first Gauntlet, you're old enough to remember what a revolution in arcade gaming it was. A four-player co-op, virtually unheard of at the time, it featured a Dungeons & dragons-style cast of four character classes - who despite being billed as having vastly different abilities, just basically shot stuff up around them with different weapons. Maybe it doesn't sound like fun, but the gameplay, in 1985, was groundbreaking. Add in the fact that the machine had synthesised speech ("Elf needs food - badly". "Valkyrie is about to die"), and you had a fast-paced game of frenzied button mashing that made money disappear faster than a Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.

Gauntlet' is now being redeveloped - treasure chests, zombies, chicken legs and all - for release via the Steam platform, by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Developers Arrowhead announced the game on March 17th, with a trailer for the game and, shortly afterwards, a few choice screenshots of our Wizard, Warrior, Elf and Valkyrie in their 21st century incarnation. Will Gauntlet be a hit in a world post World of Warcraft? Time will tell, but it's nice to see the old gang back together.