Thundercat + Eric Andre - "Tron Song"

Thundercat (real name: Stephen Bruner) is the real deal. He comes across in 'Tron Song' like the mutant brother that Will.I.Am keeps in his basement, but his latest album Apocalypse is a unashamed musical exploration in the truest sense. More complex music keeps its head out of the mainstream these days, with labels like 'virtuoso' long since having lost all real meaning, so it's interesting to hear a musician whose wit and proficiency remind you of some of the great names of the past like Sun Ra or Zappa. And if none of that floats your boat, well, you can enjoy the video he's made about his cat with comedian Eric Andre, which features autoerotic asphyxiation, scat (not the jazz kind), gunshot wounds, and a voyage into said cat's anus. So in many ways, it covers all the bases.