You probably know comedy legends Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, but you probably haven't seen this - or anything like it, outside your fevered dreams. Yes, back in the early nineties, some enterprising TV exec decided what better format for a youth-oriented music show than to use the up-and coming Vic and Bob as hosts - these were the days pop trendsetters the NME declared comedy the 'new rock n' roll', mind you, during which V+B regularly graced their pages. 

In a move that smacks of being completely out of touch with the audience, some exec who didn't get 'today's music' decided to give Vic Reeves free reign in the writing department - presumably because, his comedy being similarly unfathomable, kids were bound to like it. The results speak for themselves. From the terrible choice of bands to the quite insane interview with Kym Mazelle ("Kym, would you say you were a very coarse woman?"), the pilot episode failed to yield a series, and we can, from the safety of the present, only gaze in slack-jawed wonder and imagine how such a series - and music history - may have unfolded if it had.