Hard to swallow Sizzler ad

The internets are all abuzz over this terrifying, recently unearthed 1991 promo for American company Sizzler. And what an ad it is. Its Terminator-like relentlessness in delivering its overcooked message of American Family Values through the consumption of food verges on the unhinged, as the increasingly desperate voiceover tells you again and again how much FREEDOM Americans WANT.

Volley after volley of WHOLESOME VALUES is punched into your soul, as men stare at you while holding puppies, women joggers shake their hair, men with stick-on beards teach children how to fish, and people of every type and colour are represented in our utopian paradise EXCEPT FAT PEOPLE WHO DON'T EXIST.

The Stalinesque manifesto shamelessly conflates your appetite with some kind of vague, narcotic nationalism, like a laser-targeted missile of self-satisfied, blissfully overfed indolence.

You might as well laugh at it. Lol.