Star Wars VII - A New Tease

Resistance is useless. You've seen it, I've seen it, and it's not news to anyone. But here's the new Star Wars trailer! It's 2 minutes long and already more cherished than the entirety of the Prequel trilogy.
Crashed space ships - check! A cool nod to the (by now) long history of the Star Wars.

All your favourite characters (well, nearly)? Check! The old gang is teased here, from Leia clutching her dad's lightsaber to Luke's new cyber-hand, and the oldest smuggler on the block looking every inch the badass.

So far, no  C-3PO - I'm wondering if there's some kind of surprise in store there. Lightsabers so far used sparingly, which is a very good sign. We all know we'll see it regardless of quality - but this is looking better and better with every month that passes.

There's a nice gallery of characters, stills and set pics of the new film over at Fuck Yeah Star Wars